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Google Assistant Smart Mirror - 32" Samsung 4K Smart TV Display in 40"X30"X2" Satin Black Aluminum Frame

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No monthly subscription fee to use!

Included Hardware:
  • Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB (complete kit assembled in mirror)
  • Sleek 40" X 30" X 2" frame w/mirror tempered and beveled-edge glass (portrait  orientation) - hangs completely flush with wall
  • Installed Samsung 32” 4K M5 Smart TV - landscape orientation
  • 10-foot, low-profile extension cord
  • Wall hanging hardware
  • Bluetooth keyboard and mouse
  • Integrated 10 watt speakers
  • Motion sensor - powers monitor on when motion is detected
  • Temperature sensor - displays indoor temperature
  • Hand swipe module - allows you to choose between different displays, simply by swiping your hand left or right in front of the smart mirror.
  • Air mouse (controls volume, page changes, and click on-screen buttons)

Included Modules/Features:

  • Cast full-screen 1080p YouTube videos via smartphone to the display
  • Google Voice/with microphone & speakers
  • Time and date
  • News Feed/Headlines
  • Traffic - Shows your commute times based on current traffic conditions
  • Live stock quotes or Crypto currency prices
  • Daily quotes
  • This day in history
  • Current Weather
  • Weather Forecast
  • Air quality
  • Movie listings
  • Motion activation - powers monitor on when motion is detected
  • Display indoor temperature (includes temperature sensor)
  • …and more than 800 others to choose from!

Optional Hardware (Additional cost):

  • Windows 11 Mini PC, 11th gen N4500 processor (2.8GHz), and ‎Intel UHD Graphics card, WiFi 6, Bluetooth5.2, Gigabit Ethernet, Dual HDMI, 4xUSB 3.0 ports
  • Video Chat/Conferencing with Messenger Video or Zoom (via Facebook Portal TV with Camera)
  • RGB or RGBW LED backlight with motion sensor, remote, or smartphone control
  • 20", 50Watt soundbar w/volume control (instead of the 6-watt integrated speakers)
  • 20" Bose Soundbar with remote and mounting hardware (instead of the 6-watt integrated speakers)
  • (2X) Behind drywall exciter speakers
  • (2X) In-ceiling/wall speakers
  • 6 or 15-Key Stream Deck – quickly interact with the smart mirror with the push of multi-function buttons

Also includes...

  • Free shipping with tracking and insurance
  • Free lifetime technical support; including fixes, changes, updates, and software upgrades
  • Free remote setup support; including detailed step-by-step instructions and setup once you receive your mirror
  • One-year warranty