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***RESERVED*** Custom Smart Mirror - DEPOSIT 2 of 3

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- MirrorView 40/60 tempered glass – (design and size to be approved by client)
- 53” X 26” – rough dimension of glass mirror without stand (final glass width and height TBD by client)
- Back or front lighting (Specs TBD by client)
- Case and stand/base: Case and stand/base will look completely seamless and uniform with glass
- Stand will conceal small wheels at the bottom of the base (total weight ~80lbs)
- All assembly and fabrication
- Fabrication, CNC, CAD, and treatment for front 3D design (TBD by client)

- 40” 4K, 500-nit widescreen display (portrait orientation – 37.2” X 16.5”)
- 40” touchscreen film behind glass for user touchscreen interaction (programming to be approved by client)
- Custom programing – for touchscreen interaction with client-provided media assets
Windows 11 Mini PC: Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake- N100(up to 3.4GHz), 16GB DDR4 RAM 500GB SSD Mini Desktop Computer Support 4K HD/WiFi 5/BT4.2/Gigabit Ethernet 

• CAD drawings for mirror design and base
• Front-facing webcam
• Online walkthrough of final product and programming

• SIZE TBD - shipping container with handle and wheels for Mirror and base
• Delivery date TBD (pending all client media assets received and final approval of drawings and programming by client at least five weeks prior to delivery date)
• Ground handling, shipping, tracking, and insurance for mirror and stand

• Media assets
• Programming approval at least 5 weeks prior to delivery date. A rush fee will be assessed for shorter timeline- 5% for three weeks, 10% for two weeks, 15% for one week…etc.
• Mirror and base CAD drawing approval at least 5 weeks prior to delivery date

• "Pelican"-style case for mirror
Any changes to the above (under “Smarty Mirrors Deliverables”) that require additional time or cost will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and added to “Total Cost”.


Mirror materials, construction, display, and assembly: $6,300
Custom programming and CAD drawings:   $900
Fabrication of stand: $1,800
Touchscreen for 16” display: (Replaced with 40" touch film -below) $XXX
Front 3D Design – CAD and fabrication: $1,500
Revised fabrication of stand: (Canceled per client) $XXX
Packaging, handling, shipping, tracking, and insurance: $500
Subtotal: $9,800
Additional Fees:
Replacement 40” touchfoil (16” was already purchased):
(is more than this but I only charged roughly half)
Additional shipping cost (for separate base case): $300
Wooden shipping container w/handle and wheels (for base): $600
Exciter Speaker w/amplifier and BT: $100
Revised CAD and drawings: $250
Front 3D design fabrication and materials: $TBD
Total: $11,250
                                                                                             Deposit 1 of 3: -$3,000
Remaining Balance: $8,250