Smarty Mirrors

***RESERVED***DEPOSIT (4X) Vanity Smart Mirror Prototypes- 70" X 40" X 2"

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*** Please allow up to four weeks for receipt; to allow for building, customizing, and configuring****

(2X) Traditional Vanity Mirrors:

  • 40” X 70” mirror (including frame) or 40” X 70” glass mirror for frameless (TBD by client)
  • Traditional mirrored glass 
  • 2” depth brushed aluminum black satin frame and 2” depth frameless mirror (TBD by client)
  • Z-Clip Wall hanging hardware
  • Front-facing 1.5” 4000K and 3500K perimeter vanity light with touch-capacitive switch, which features stepless diming and on/off.
  • Lighting on back will be open to wall
  • Motion activated anti-fog/demister mirror pads
  • Landscape orientation
  • Safety/Anti-theft brackets or as required by county/city
  • 6” round 20X mirror magnifier attached to front mirror surface (lighted and unlighted)
  • 40watt Bluetooth exciter speaker with amplifier
  • Electrical cord (wired or plug-in)
  • Total power requirement ~3amps
  • Three Year Warranty

(2X) Vanity Smart Mirrors:

  • All of the above and....
  • 16” and 32” HD Displays
  • Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB (complete kit assembled and programmed in mirror)
  • Bluetooth keyboard and mouse
  • Motion sensor – display turns on when motion is detected
  • Temperature sensor - displays indoor temperature
  • Hand-swipe module - choose between different displays, by swiping hand left or right in front of mirror
  • Air mouse - controls volume, page changes, and click on-screen buttons (completely customizable)
  • WIFI or ethernet connectivity
  • WIFI Booster (if required)
  • Total power requirement ~5amps

Included Modules/Features (Final Modules-TBD):

  • Google Voice/with microphone & speakers
  • Customization of up to 5 display pages of modules (live widgets) from the template display layout
  • Cast full-screen 4K YouTube videos via smartphone to the display
  • Voice Assistant/with microphone & speakers
  • Time and date
  • News Feed/Headlines
  • Traffic - Shows your commute times based on current traffic conditions
  • Live stock quotes or Crypto currency prices
  • Daily quotes
  • Current Weather, weather forecast, and air quality
  • Display indoor temperature (includes temperature sensor)
  • Integration with hotel’s existing entertainment platform
  • Areas of interest near property
  • Hotel/Casino amenities
  • Hotel/Casino branding
  • Unique, one-time password authentication