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Smart Mirror - 65"4K SmartTV in a 62"X38"X3.5" Black Contemporary Frame - Landscape - (with Google Assistant or Alexa Voice)

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**************PLEASE NOTE: Due to shipping charges, size, and level of customzation of this smart mirror, there are absolutely NO REFUNDS on this mirror.**************

Hardware and Services include:

No monthly subscription fee to use!

- Ground shipping with insurance and tracking
- 65" 4K Smart UHD TV - installed in frame/enclosure
- 62"L X 38"H X 3.5"D (OD) Black frame and enclosure with corner and cross-bracing if necessary (landscape orientation).
- Pre-attached wall hanging hardware (French cleats)
- 20% VLT mirrored tint on 1/4" glass
- 12-foot, low-profile extension cord
- 20" Bose Soundbar
- RGB LED backlighting w/remote
- Roku or FireTV
- Pre-installed Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for direct access to Smart Mirror modules
- Backup of client Smart Mirror image (on a micro SD card)
- Detailed Smart Mirror manual and instructions
- Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB and necessary Pi hardware
- Google Assistant or Alexa Voice
- Motion activation (with PIR motion sensor) - automatically powers monitor on when motion is detected (sensitivity and on/off modes can be configured to user preferences)
- Temperature sensor/Module
- Smart Mirror modules installed as requested by client (recommendations can be provided)
- 1-year warranty and ongoing technical support

Also includes...
- Technical support, including detailed step-by-step instructions
- ********One Year Warranty***********