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"No words can express how appreciative I am of this wonderful smart mirror and the seller/creator behind it. As an IT person I highly recommend this seller and purchase as he is there for you from beginning to end with any support you need. The work he put into it is top notch and looks extremely professional. I will post photos soon of my new toy but I would recommend working with this seller on any of his items."

~Ken M.

"The quality and display is absolutely stunning. The service and responses to questions and issues were very fast and helpful. Instructions are very clear and easy to follow."

~Will M.

"I recently completed a remodel of my whole house and the biggest reaction anyone has is for the incredible smart mirror. I always wanted something like this and didn't know where to begin. I reached out and they were incredibly responsive, supportive and creative. They built a perfect custom solution for my bathroom including researching and presenting different frames and concepts. 
I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to have a smart mirror. The process was a lot of fun and I just wish every product I purchased could come with this level of personalization and support."

~Josh M.

The Alexa Smart Mirror is a great addition to our household.  Checking the weather and calendar on the way out the door really helps. Also the folks at Smarty Mirrors are happy to provide all the tech support needed to get it up and running.

Tom D.

At first it was hard to believe a product like this was even available. Upon arrival I cannot deny innovation behind this unique device. The creator really took the time to make it look amazing he even added LED lights which was complimental for its presentation. Much respect to Sean that took the time to make sure I was truly satisfied. He really took the time to show me the different features, and options that made the mirror more interesting. Thank you for the customer service.

~Chris C.

About Smarty Mirrors

What Can It Do?

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What Else?


Easily Switch Between Five Different Display Pages

Our Smart Vanity Series

Our frameless vanity smart mirrors are the perfect way to get your day started. It includes a proximity dimmer, remote, or capacitive touch for the super-bright, front-facing vanity light, and powerful speakers that are discretely installed in the back of the smart mirror.

For The Connected Home

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To Be Entertained

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To Keep An Eye On Things

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For Productivity

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For Mental and Physical Well-Being

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For The Office


For Makeup/Beauty

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What's Included?

  • Choose from the included Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB or upgrade to the Jetson Nano or micro PC with N4500 (or latest processor) running Windows 11 Pro with 4GB DDR4 and128GB ROM
  • Advanced MirroVue™ glass offers outstanding reflective properties with no degradation of display image quality. This makes it possible to clearly see your reflection and the display at the same time.
  • Portrait or landscape orientation
  • 1080p HD monitor or UHD 4K Smart TV displays 
  • 10-foot, low-profile power cord
  • Wall hanging hardware
  • Bluetooth keyboard and mouse
  • (2X) 50watt integrated speakers 
  • Motion sensor - powers monitor on when motion is detected
  • Temperature sensor - displays indoor temperature
  • Google Voice/with microphone & speakers
  • Change display pages, get web info, radio stations, play videos, hide display, get directions, and many other controls just by using voice commands!
  • Air Mouse - offers full control of the mirror, including changing volume, changing display pages, or hiding the display
  • ...and over 800 modules (live widgets) to choose from! 

Also includes...

  • Free shipping with tracking and insurance
  • Free technical support, including detailed step-by-step instructions and optional remote setup once you receive your smart mirror
  • *******One Year Warranty**********

Optional Hardware (Additional Cost)

  • 4K UHD Samsung Smart TV (32" to 85")
  • Jetson Nano running Ubuntu or micro PC with N4500 (or latest processor), Windows 11 Pro with 4GB DDR4 and128GB ROM
  • Smart TV with remote ***Landscape orientation only for streaming video***
  • RGB or RGBW LED backlight or vanity front light with motion sensor, remote, or smartphone control
  • Integrated 50watt speakers (upgrade from included 10watt speakers)
  • 20", 50watt BT and ARC compatible soundbar with remote
  • 20", Bose BT and ARC compatible soundbar
  • (2X) 50watt surface mount exciter speakers

So what is a smart mirror anyway?

Imagine your smartphone with all your favorite real-time live widgets that you check regularly in one large, convenient, elegant display, with up to five different display pages. In addition, you can control everything in the smart mirror with just your voice or with the included BT remote.

It's basically a mini computer and HD display placed inside of a large, elegant, one-way mirrored frame. It's made “smart” by a mini computer (Raspberry Pi 4B - 4GB or mini PC) running live internet modules (graphics or information) over WiFi or Ethernet. The HD display positioned behind the one-way mirror displays user-selected modules. When the display is on, you can see both your reflection and custom-tailored information on the display screen. The layout of the information on the screen can be positioned, configured, and adjusted to suit your preferences.

Framing and Other Customization Options

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