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Google Assistant Smart Mirror - 65" Samsung 4K Series 8 in a sleek 60" X 36" X 3" Satin Black Wood Frame

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Free Expedited Shipping within the U.S.! **** Please allow up to six weeks for receipt; to allow for building, customizing, configuring, and shipping****

No monthly subscription fee to use!

Please allow 4-6 weeks for building, customization, and shipping.

This is not a cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf, or crowdfunded smart mirror. This smart mirror is customized to YOUR preferences, is made-to-order, you can have any size you want (prices vary depending on size) and the best part is - you can have it in roughly four weeks; to allow for building, configuring, and shipping. You may need to supply your own (private) API keys and registrations for some modules (indicated below). This smart mirror can be customized and configured the way you want it, the size you want, includes a one year warranty, full technical support, and step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand.

So what is a smart mirror anyway?

It's basically a mini computer and HD display placed inside of a large, elegant, one-way mirrored frame. It's made “smart” by a mini computer (Raspberry Pi 4B - 4GB) running live internet modules (graphics or information) over WiFi. The HD display positioned behind the one-way mirror displays user-selected modules (partial list below). When the display is on, you can see both your reflection and custom-tailored information on the HD display screen. The layout of the information on the screen can be positioned, configured, and adjusted to suit your preferences.

Included Hardware:

  •  Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB (complete kit assembled in mirror)
  •  60" X 36" X 2" satin black wood frame w/mirror tinted tempered and beveled-edge glass (landscape or portrait orientation) - hangs completely flush with wall
  •  Installed  65" Samsung 4K Series 8 Smart TV 
  • 10-foot, low-profile extension cord
  • Wall hanging hardware or VESA mount
  • Bluetooth keyboard and mouse
  • Motion sensor - powers monitor on when motion is detected
  • Temperature sensor - displays indoor temperature

Included Modules/Hardware:

  • Cast full-screen 1080p YouTube videos via smartphone to the display
  • Amazon Alexa or Google Voice/with microphone & speakers
  • Time and date
  • News Feed/Headlines
  • Remote Control - Cleanly shutdown (or reboot) your mirror, edit which modules are shown on your mirror and turn your monitor off and on from your smartphone.
  • Traffic - Shows your commute time with current traffic conditions factored in using Google's Traffic API. Can be used for driving, biking, walking, and public transit. (requires personal/private API key from Google – detailed instructions included)
  • Live stock quotes or Crypto currency prices
  • Daily quotes
  • This day in history
  • Current Weather (requires personal/private API key– detailed instructions included)
  • Weather Forecast (requires personal/private API key – detailed instructions included)
  • Air quality (requires personal API key - detailed instructions included)
  • Movie listings (requires personal API key - detailed instructions included)
  • - Motion activation - powers monitor on when motion is detected
  • Display indoor temperature (includes temperature sensor)
  • …and many more to choose from! -

Optional Modules/Hardware:

  • RGB or RGBW LED backlight with motion sensor, remote, or smartphone control
  • NEW!! Video Chat/Conferencing with Messenger Video or Zoom (via Facebook Portal TV with Camera)

Also includes...

  • Free shipping with tracking and insurance
  • Technical support, including detailed step-by-step instructions and setup once you receive your mirror
  • ********One Year Warranty**********