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Contemporary DAKboard Smart Mirror - 32"HD Display in 19"X30"X2" Satin Black Aluminum Frame

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Free expedited shipping **** Please allow up to four weeks for receipt; to allow for building, customizing, configuring, and delivery****

Flexible DAKboard Subscriptions are available to match your specific needs, including a Free subscription.

This smart mirror can be customized and configured the way you want it, the size you want, includes a two-year warranty, full technical support, and step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand.

So what is a smart mirror anyway?
It's basically a mini computer and HD display placed inside of a large, elegant, one-way mirrored frame. It's made “smart” by a mini computer (Raspberry Pi 5 - 8GB) running live internet modules (graphics or information) over WiFi. The HD display positioned behind the one-way mirror displays live, user-selected information. When the display is on, you can see both your reflection and custom-tailored information on the HD display screen. The layout of the information on the screen can be positioned, configured, and adjusted to suit your preferences. 

All product and installation support will be provided by Smarty Mirrors.

Included Hardware:

  • 70/30 MirrorView® glass - offers outstanding reflective properties, with crystal-clear display screen viewing
  • Z-Clip or French cleat wall hanging hardware
  • Portrait or landscape orientation
  • Bottom safety hanging brackets (If required)
  • (2X) Immersive, room-filling, 40watt Bluetooth exciter speakers with amplifier concealed behind mirror
  • Electrical cord (wired or plug-in)
  • Contemporary, 19" X 30" X 2" black satin frame (other frame styles available)*

*Smarty Mirrors is not covered to hang smart mirrors in home. However, we can recommend a locally licensed and insured professional installer.

Included Smart Mirror Hardware:

  • 32" HD display
  • Raspberry Pi 5 8GB (complete kit assembled and programmed in mirror)
  • Bluetooth keyboard and mouse
  • Motion sensor – display turns on when motion is detected
  • Air mouse - controls volume, page changes, and click on-screen buttons (completely customizable)
  • WIFI or ethernet connectivity
  • WIFI signal booster (if required)
  • Total power requirement ~2amps

Included Modules/Features:

  • Customization of one display page through a ~15-minute, self-guided setup process
  • Time and date
  • Live Newsfeeds/Headlines
  • Live stock quotes or Crypto currency prices
  • Current Weather, weather forecast, and air quality
  • Calendar with upcoming schedule
  • Others – As selected by client 

Additional features below are provided exclusively by Smarty Mirrors 

  • Cast full-screen 4K YouTube videos via smartphone to the display
  • Zoom or other video conferencing services (Webcam sold separately)
  • Streaming services (Prime video, Netflix, Hulu, etc.)

Also includes...

  • Free shipping with tracking and insurance
  • Free lifetime technical support; including fixes, changes, updates, and software upgrades
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions and setup once you receive your mirror
  • Two-year warranty